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Advantech and HDD 411: The Five Main Categories

I have a growing stash of reference materials that I keep at hand, and I find use for at least one item in this collection every workday. Most are in PDF format, and, to make sure that they are indeed “at hand,” I keep them in cloud-based storage that syncs automatically to the drives on my various devices, ensuring all of these documents are accessible wherever, whenever, and via whatever device is available – even when I don’t have an Internet connection. For example, this file contains the latest version of the Associated Press Stylebook to remind me that I should capitalize “Internet” here and that “web site”

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Mini-ITX Boards for video gaming? Yeah, that’s cool.

My friend the chemistry teacher texted me the other day to share what he considered groundbreaking news: A leading producer of consumer-grade computer components had just introduced a Mini-ITX motherboard specifically designed to meet his grandest video-gamer ambitions. That was indeed big news for the video-gamer community and, while I was genuinely pleased that this made him so happy and replied to his text with the appropriate, “Cool!” it was hard to consider his news truly groundbreaking given that Advantech has been well ahead of the curve in delivering the benefits of compact Mini-ITX boards, albeit in industrial-grade quality.

Advantech supplies Mini-ITX motherboards that support Intel’s power-sipping Atom processors to

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Of Smartphones and Gaming Enterprises

I spent way too much of last weekend cleaning unmentionable crud out of my Smartphone. No, I didn’t drop it in the toilet. In that case, I’d know whom to blame – me – and the lesson would have been clear: Don’t take your Smartphone into the bathroom! Instead, hidden away in its internal storage, I stumbled upon what ended up being hundreds of interspersed text files containing cryptic, offensive messages, most spouting juvenile bigotry of one form or another. It was just plain weird and, worse, pointless. Yuck!

I prefer destructive behavior that makes sense. Not that I encourage destructive behavior – I don’t – but, really, if you’re going

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RFID and RTLS, What is the Difference?

RFID? RTLS? Are they the same thing? Sure, each acronym has a distinct root meaning, but I still hear and read RFID and RTLS used interchangeably. So, which should we use when? Fortunately, Zebra Technologies has published a white paper, RTLS 101: What It Is and Why You Need It, that distinguishes RTLS from RFID as the terms are most often used in modern contexts.

The defining characteristic of RTLS, or Real Time Locating Systems, is that they deploy “active” tags, meaning that each tag transponder has its own power source, unlike those of “passive” RFID systems in which the transponder is powered remotely by the sensor

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End-To-End, Item-level RFID Tracking?

When you’re the largest retailer on the planet, you have the power to direct positive change that benefits entire industries. Such was the case in 2003 when Wal-Mart announced what would eventually become known simply as “the mandate,” a requirement that, by 2006, its major suppliers equip all cases or pallets of products with smart RFID tags. This strategy of requiring RFID tags for all shipment-quantity packages was quickly adopted by other major retail enterprises. Witness Target’s 2004 announcement that it too would require suppliers to follow suit by the spring of 2007. Perhaps not as well remembered is the fact that, in 2005, the U.S. Department

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IT Takes the Wheel with Remote Device Management

When managing your fleet of scanning devices becomes overwhelming, it’s time to consider remote device management (RDM). For IT administrators, the ability to manage all bar code scanning devices from a single, remote location can be a life saver. For your business, it’s a productivity and profitability enhancer.

Let’s face it; scanner management can be a costly and time-consuming process. How many times are you contacted by remote users who are traveling or are located at remote facilities to troubleshoot issues for their handheld or truck-mounted device? How about the handling of software updates or keeping track of the devices in each location?

Studies show that more than 40% of

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Zebra Announces Systems Builder

For most of us who’ve been involved in this industry for any length of time, it’s easy to think of Zebra Technologies first as a source for barcode printers. Indeed, the company’s presence in that important industry category is so huge that its wide experience with location solutions is sometimes overshadowed. But, I was reminded of its commitment to location solutions recently by the announcement of its new System Builder software, a planning tool for deployment of Zebra’s Real Time Locating Systems (RTLS).

System Builder employs the Time Difference of Arrival (TDOA) positioning method to exploit the full potential of Zebra’s WhereNet and Dart UWB networks.

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A Video Introduction to Honeywell’s New Remote MasterMind 3.0

As mobile computing becomes more present in our personal lives and thanks to the increasing proliferation of smartphones and tablets, the integration of these devices into our work environments becomes more and more desirable.

That is why I was excited by the announcement in early 2012 of Honeywell’s Remote MasterMind 3.0 (ReM 3.0), which version expands that platform’s integrated management capabilities beyond the management of barcode scanners to include mobile computers, Google Android devices and Apple iOS devices as well.

ReM 3.0 centralizes remote management of asset tracking, software distribution, systems configuration, diagnostics and collection of performance data via a simple, straightforward console. While researching the capabilities of ReM 3.0, I discovered

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Field Mobility Solution Allows for Instant Task Completion; Improves Customer Service


A Field Mobility Solution is much more than just a smart phone

L-Tron Corporation is pleased to unveil their innovative Field Mobility System, created in response to the difficulties faced by sales, service and direct store delivery companies.  Upon speaking with such companies, L-Tron ascertained that often there is a disconnect between field workers and company headquarters, which can result in wasted time and errors within the workflow process.  Furthermore, competition among companies makes it difficult to maintain high customer service levels while reducing costs to increase profitability.  Given these obstacles, L-Tron developed a total solution specifically designed to help companies become more productive, efficient and

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A Glimpse into 2012: Technology Improvements for the Tax Industry

Across the country, income tax preparers are breathing sighs of relief.  April 15th has come and gone.  For some, the past months of tax preparation have gone fairly smoothly, while others have experienced chaos.  Knowing that there is always room for improvement, L-Tron Corporation has developed a state-of-the-art technology solution for the income tax industry, geared toward personal income tax preparers.  L-Tron’s solution takes into account industry trends toward bar coding of tax forms and paperless initiatives using electronic signatures, while providing innovative technology that leads to increased productivity, fewer errors, and improved workflow.

With over 30 years of experience, L-Tron understands that the tax industry faces many business

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