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Big Data To The Rescue!

The ability to analyze public sector data enables Law Enforcement to more proactively protect their community.

What is Big Data and how is it used?  We get this question a lot.  We defi ne big data as huge amounts of data collected through the public sector.  It’s all the data compiled from police departments, the DMV, the DOT, our courthouses, etc.  There are others, like retailers, who also collect data that the public sector would find useful.  Like a sporting goods store collecting info on gun owners, hunting & fishing permits, and so on. At L-Tron we offer a solution that aggregates this data and turns it into

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Great Things Come In Small Packages

When it comes to scanning performance, it takes an industry leader to be able to design a device that is strong enough for a warehouse environment, but made for one that may be…well…more discrete.  First of all, let me say that the Honeywell Vuquest® 3310g is just adorable.  I mean it.  Its compact size makes it a dream to use because it fits well in small spaces – like a retail store or pharmacy application.  Because it was not designed with the traditional “gun” form factor, it immediately draws a certain curiosity.
But don’t be fooled by this good-looking area imager

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Is Your Environment a Good Test for the Granit 1911 Industrial Scanner?

Earlier this year Honeywell launched a new industrial-grade hand-held scanner called the Granit 191Xi and it’s their best industrial, hand-held area imager yet.  We realize there are some strong contenders in this space, but this device has exceeded customer expectations in terms of durability and aggressive scanning ability.  Designed specifically for harsh environments, they definitely did not compromise imaging performance — which is where many comparable devices fall short.

Available as a tethered scanner or with a Bluetooth® Class 1, v2.1 radio, this industrial-grade device can withstand 5000 tumbles (by the way, this is the only 2D industrial device on the

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Zebra WhereNet, UWB and Wi-Fi Location Solutions

With most things in life, the more options you have, the more likely you are to find one that’s optimal for your next challenge, and that has never been more true than when designing asset-tracking systems. There are three main location-based technologies – WhereNet, Ultra-Wideband (UWB), and Wi-Fi, and Zebra Technologies is the only location-solutions provider that offers all three to better ensure an option that best fits your specific application.

Zebra WhereNet Solutions

Zebra Technologies acquired California-based WhereNet in 2007, and the proprietary standard has since grown to include five key components:

WhereTag: Active, battery-powered, fully-sealed RFID tags that stand up to the elements while delivering

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Mother (of Invention) Knows Best – CYOD to Increase Operating Efficiencies and Decrease Expenditures

The business landscape has changed over the last decade, and employees want and need to be more accessible – with the number of remote users growing every day, it seems only natural to migrate toward a climate where workers can enjoy the benefits of being able to manage voice mail, email, and access to company networks all with a single device. Yes, I’m talking about CYOD (Choose Your Own Device).  Organizations with this policy enable employees to be more flexible throughout the workday and ultimately more satisfied and empowered.

So how about managing inventory or order picking in the warehouse or improving the productivity of work cells on the manufacturing

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Dolphin 70e Black – Smart, Sophisticated and Built to Last

Does your mobile workforce need a bit of a makeover? If so, Honeywell’s new Dolphin 70e Black is just what the doctor ordered.  This smartphone is really smart… with an area-imaging scanner, 12 hours of battery life and a 4.4-inch capacitive touch screen.  Don’t be fooled with the exterior of this sleek-looking device.  Weighing in at about 7 ounces, the Dolphin 70e Black has a super-thin, pocketable form factor designed for durability (and tougher than a commercial-grade phone).

This rugged smartphone is enterprise ready with an IP rating of 67 (waterproof), Gorilla-glass display and works well in cold weather.  Security and remote device management options are

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When it’s Time to Trade Up? Choosing the Best Device for Your Application.

There are many reasons why you might feel like you’re outgrowing your bar code scanning device, and have just as many reasons why you can squeeze a little more life out of what you have. We’ve all been there. The first step is admitting you have a problem; or two … or three.

Here are some telltale signs that it may be time for a change:

Rapid growth
Difficulty maintaining quality standards
Difficulty maintaining customer service standards
Lines of business have been added
Increasing amount of remote locations
New facility or workflow process
Existing devices are 5+ years old
Looking for ways to reduce costs and increase worker productivity

There are a lot of choices out there, so it’s important

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A Primer on Printers Episode IV – A New Hope for Mobile Printing

Sadly, this will be the last episode of my printer series.  The Laser Printer will not Strike Back.  There will be no Return of the Inkjet.  It would be a tidy wrap up, but I don’t know much about laser or inkjet printers, so my saga ends here.  I’ll leave those chapters for another guy.  J.J. Abrams, maybe.

Anyway, on to mobile printers.  As always, a lot to cover.  I’ll try to be brief, but all I can do is try.  What do you need to consider when planning a mobile printer project?

Interface.  Yes, again with the interface.  In the case of mobile printing, wireless becomes the

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A Refreshing Change for your Mobile Technology

In today’s economy, maximizing the value of your data collection equipment is more important than ever. With technology moving at the speed of light, and flexibility and operating efficiencies of primary importance, making room for technology refresh is not only important, but essential to succeeding in today’s competitive marketplace.

With IT budgets getting smaller, legacy equipment is remaining out in the field longer. Although refreshing your technology may seem like a daunting task, consider the negative impact of keeping this equipment in the field and you’ll realize you can’t afford NOT to refresh.

Although refreshing your technology may seem like a daunting task, consider the negative

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IT Takes the Wheel with Remote Device Management

When managing your fleet of scanning devices becomes overwhelming, it’s time to consider remote device management (RDM). For IT administrators, the ability to manage all bar code scanning devices from a single, remote location can be a life saver. For your business, it’s a productivity and profitability enhancer.

Let’s face it; scanner management can be a costly and time-consuming process. How many times are you contacted by remote users who are traveling or are located at remote facilities to troubleshoot issues for their handheld or truck-mounted device? How about the handling of software updates or keeping track of the devices in each location?

Studies show that more than 40% of

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