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Big Boats & Big Business: Mobile Solutions on Cruise Ships, Part 3

The other week I went on a cruise down in the Caribbean (which I bragged about in my past 2 cruise blogs, discussing mobile solutions for the cruise’s bar service and mobile stores). The cruise was perfect, I have no complaints… well, except for one. That dreaded line we had to wait in to get on the boat! Let’s face it – the lines take forever because there’s a process in place: You wait for two hours to get to the desk, give them your information, they register it and give you the stateroom keycard, and then get on the ship and beeline for the bathroom after waiting

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Big Boats & Big Business: Mobile Solutions on Cruise Ships, Part 2

The other day I wrote a blog on how cruise ships can improve their bar service operations with a mobile computer. Well, in my opinion, the bar service isn’t the only place on the ship that could benefit from a mobile computer – the on-ship stores can as well.

While the stores showcased the products nicely, the ship had several mobile shops set up around the boat with some of the less-expensive items for sale. Strategically placed (right outside of the casino for passengers to spend their winnings… or lose money and spend even more…), these mobile shops were always crowded with people looking, touching, and buying watches and

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Big Boats & Big Business: Mobile Solutions on Cruise Ships, Part 1

I just got home from a cruise last weekend – it was my first one, and it definitely won’t be my last. We departed from Fort Lauderdale and went on a Caribbean adventure, stopping in the Bahamas, Jamaica, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel.

Cruise ships carry thousands of people looking to enjoy their vacation, buy some pricey souvenirs, and experience the boat and excursions to the fullest. Although I was on vacation, I couldn’t help but notice the extremely large potential for mobile computing solutions on cruise ships. So how can a cruise ship maximize their operations with mobile computers? Let’s take a look at their bar services:

At the casino, at the

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Check Please! Mobile POS in Restaurants

Last week I went to a fancy Italian restaurant with my family after work. Frequently surrounded by barcode scanners and mobile computers, I thought I was done seeing data collection devices when I left the office – but boy was I wrong.

Walking into the restaurant (a bit earlier than the rest of my party, so I had time to look around), I immediately noticed two of the hostesses staring down at tablets. I initially assumed they were slacking off and browsing Facebook, until I saw their screens – they were using the tablets to check table availability and seat customers. Brilliant.

How didn’t I realize

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Reviewing and Revitalizing Mobile Service Processes

Honeywell, one of our premier partners, just recently surveyed 260 organizations worldwide, looking to gather information on how they manage and assess their field service processes. Being the data-nut that I am, I’m always looking for the numbers to validate the facts – and these numbers look pretty noteworthy to me. But don’t bother reading the survey report to fish out the stats; I’ll list the findings for you:


38% of organizations look to save 30+ minutes per day, per technician by refining their field service workflow processes
75% have reviewed their mobile workforce processes in the past year

63% of the remaining 25% of organizations haven’t conducted a process review in

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You Know You Need A Mobile POS Solution When…

The past few weeks, I introduced two blogs discussing the benefits of a mobile computer and a mobile printer in the retail industry. Now it’s time to put this information together and see where specifically a mobile point of sale (POS) solution would have the greatest benefit. Some retailers are best fit for a standalone, static POS setup, also known as a cashwrap – but others are moving into a more mobile POS-friendly market. The shift to mobile POS primarily depends on the following:

Who the customer is
What products are sold
The layout of the store
The experience the customers demand

With this in mind, here are some examples of different retail

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Mobile Printers at the Hip in Retail

It’s easy to adopt old habits and stick with them – especially when they’re a part of a grand process such as checking out customers in a retail setting. For decades, that process consisted of a standalone computer next to a printer, as customers filed through the – sometimes long – lines to checkout. But this is 2014, and customers expect a better experience from their retailers. For this reason, there’s been a shift to mobile platforms to enhance the customer experience – and this shift has begun to date the standalone computer and printer checkout process.

Last week, I introduced the idea of cutting down checkout lines with mobile

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Cutting Down the Line, Gaining Loyal Customers

I’ll be going on a much-needed vacation early next month, which calls for some new clothes for the trip. Something tells me that what I normally wear in Upstate New York won’t do me any favors for the Florida heat. Shopping at the mall last weekend, I found myself waiting in lines at the counter at almost every store – something that happens far too often.


Unfortunately for the store, those long lines are what drive customers away – sometimes for good. But it’s not just the customer’s impatience that makes them hop out of line and go to a different store; what they do in line may impact their decision

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Scanning to the Extreme with the Honeywell Tecton

If you’re working in the field or in a warehouse, chances are you’re either looking for a reliable mobile computer or using one already. Empowering the workforce to get the job done efficiently and safely – isn’t that what mobile computers are meant to do? Those using mobile computers expect their devices to:

Withstand extreme temperatures
Survive drops and shocks
Have a long-lasting battery life
Operate efficiently and quickly

After exploring the features of several popular mobile computers, I discovered that the Honeywell Tecton addresses each of these demands.  Here are some of the features that impressed me:

Versatility: With every mobile or warehouse worker demanding different features from their equipment, the Honeywell Tecton offers versatile options

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Big Data To The Rescue!

The ability to analyze public sector data enables Law Enforcement to more proactively protect their community.

What is Big Data and how is it used?  We get this question a lot.  We defi ne big data as huge amounts of data collected through the public sector.  It’s all the data compiled from police departments, the DMV, the DOT, our courthouses, etc.  There are others, like retailers, who also collect data that the public sector would find useful.  Like a sporting goods store collecting info on gun owners, hunting & fishing permits, and so on. At L-Tron we offer a solution that aggregates this data and turns it into

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