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ItemPath: The first Cloud Application For Printing Barcode Labels And Tags

ItemPath is an innovative Cloud-based solution for managing inventory and tracking items, goods and assets. It is designed to be accessible from anywhere via a web browser running on top of any operating system in any Internet-capable device. Sounds simple, right? It is – and it is very simple to use.

Unfortunately, ItemPath’s developers found that printing barcode labels and tags from anywhere wasn’t quite as simple. Early ItemPath users either had to pre-print and then scan barcodes into the system or configure intermediate solutions to allow ItemPath to communicate with a printer. What was missing was a label/tag printing system that was compatible with ItemPath’s Cloud solution without restriction to

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Zebra Technologies’ iMZ-Series BYOD-Ready Printers

Now that smartphone penetration is approaching 70% in the U.S. market, far more of us than not show up at work each day with remarkably capable computing and communication tools already in our pockets. These are also the mobile computing devices with which we are already most familiar. After all, they’re usually the only devices we use at some point during every waking hour. Given the almost ubiquitous reach of this fully mastered and privately funded resource, it’s no wonder that acceptance of bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies is almost as widespread as the smartphones and tablets they embrace. Given the choice, I’d rather not carry two devices, and, given the

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Choosing a “Smart” Device for Consumer Transactions in Five Steps

It has become increasingly popular for stores and mobile employees to now use smartphones and/or tablets as an efficient method of completing consumer transactions. This trend is of no surprise based on the estimated number of shipments for tablets and mobile phones in 2013 at just over 2 million! However, with so many smartphone and tablet choices on the market, how can your organization best narrow down its options?

It can be overwhelming trying to determine which solution will work best for your organization and there may not be only one right answer. But I will say that the Honeywell Dolphin™ 70e Black is one viable option that is

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Zebra’s MFWPR-The Path to Peak Supply Chain Performance

International Data Corporation, a worldwide market-analysis provider, estimates current global waste in manufacturing supply chains at $900 billion. Modern supply chains literally involve countless moving targets, each of which must be hit to achieve optimum efficiency. The complexity of delivering on-time, every-time at minimum cost amid constant change can be staggering, if not seemingly impossible. But the real-time feedback loops of which cutting-edge information technology is capable can get you very, very close!

Take for example the parts-replenishment process, where high volumes of discrete parts can be moved to production lines with Kanban just-in-time efficiency. But the Kanban solution falls short of delivering the right parts in the right

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How Does Barcode Labeling Technology Help The Healthcare Industry?

A new trend in the healthcare industry is for organizations to implement a barcode labeling system to keep track of products. In such tracking applications, barcode labels and scanners go together like immunizations and disease outbreaks. You cannot have one without the other.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control found an efficient solution when it came to monitoring immunizations. This solution utilized barcode scanners that would include available information about the vaccines such as:


Expiration Date
Lot Numbers
Vaccine Name
Inventory Management

The implementation of this barcoded label system provided a cost benefit, especially because the prior processes in place required pen and paper documentation. Not only does a barcode system require far less

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Providing A Safety Net For Those Of Us Who Are “Only Human”

For more than 20 years, the same doctor served as my general practitioner, and during those years the medical records he maintained on me were all on paper and grew from a few pages in a single folder to an impressively-thick stack of pages bound in that same folder. He not only knew my medical history, blood type and medication allergies, he knew me. And then he retired.

I started over with a new GP, and I still consider her my doctor today. She too knows my medical history, or at least the last few years of it, plus my blood type and medication allergies. I have absolute faith in

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With Zebra’s Link-OS and Cloud Connect, “There’s an App for That,” Too!

One of the most famous taglines in modern technology is Apple’ trademarked, “There’s an app for that,” a phrase that brilliantly captures the defining app-centric characteristic of modern mobile computing. Savvy developers know the advantages of delivering new technology in application formats and interfaces with which clients are already familiar, competent and comfortable, and Zebra Technologies’ Link-OS, now with Cloud Connect, gives developers the tools they need to deploy a single, browser-based application that works across all of their clients’ various platforms.

Zebra’s Link-OS environment is an open platform that combines a comprehensive operating system for Zebra smart devices with powerful software-development tools, as well as a suite of stock

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Eight Best Wristband Practices for Optimum Patient Safety

We’ve written extensively in these blogs about the importance to patient safety of rigorous identification protocols, and implementation of the patient wristbands is key to most such strategies. But strapping an ID band – any ID band – on your patients’ wrists does not, in and of itself, ensure their safety. As Zebra Technologies explores in its recent white paper, Wristband Formatting Best Practices: Key Considerations for Improving Patient Care, it takes a comprehensive combination of best practices to achieve optimum results. Zebra identifies eight best wristband practices for maximum patient safety:

Repeat 2-D Barcodes: 2-D barcodes offer the advantage of encoding a wealth of critical patient data, including

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Barcode Scanning And Weight Loss: What Is The Connection?

One Sunday, I was watching the Travel Channel’s show Mysteries at the Museum, and lo, and behold it was about the first barcode. Now that I’m an “expert” on barcode history, I can tell you that barcodes first came on the scene back in the late 1960s and early 1970s. At first barcodes were developed simply to help track food inventory in grocery stores. Now the barcode is used in a plethora of different global markets.

In fact, it is amazing to think how far barcode technology has come, even in just the past five years. There seems to be an application for everything these days that includes scanning

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Zebra and LifeMed ID, A Symbiotic Alliance for Greater Patient Safety

Although Zebra Technologies had long since established its position as a world-class provider of patient-identification tools, it recently strengthened its already formidable patient-ID solutions by entering a strategic alliance with LifeMed ID, Inc.

This symbiotic alliance integrates LifeMed ID’s unique Cloud-based patient-authentication systems with Zebra’s secure printers to achieve even greater certainty and efficiency to patient-ID protocol.

LifeMed ID’s Patient Identity Management smart-card system:

Speeds and simplifies patient admissions. Reduced wait times increase patient satisfaction, while greater efficiency reduces costs.
Prevents record duplications and reduces data-entry errors, increasing patient safety.
Enhances patient privacy. The LifeMed ID card includes a high-resolution photograph of the patient. No

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